• Automated Builds on Docker Hub

    One of the things that gives me pause when looking at images on Docker Hub is that number of Docker images that aren’t open source. It is critical that I see the Dockerfile before loading something up on my machine. For most of these, it is not difficult to find the associated github repo. It is even better to set up an automated build process, so when code is pushed to the github repo, Docker hub kicks off an image build.
  • Docker Cluster for MySQL and Adjacent Technologies

    After a bit of architectural refactoring, I have the framework set up for a Docker cluster of MySQL nodes plus adjacent technologies like Proxysql and Hashicorp Vault. You can find that on Github here. At the Triangle MySQL meetup last night, where I led a workshop on setting up a local Docker environment, I gathered a few other great ideas to add to the framework. The next container group added will be MariaDB AX (the column store for analytics).