• I am a dummy

    I often joke that if I was stuck on a desert island, the book I’d want to have along is the MySQL Reference Manual. There’s an endless source of amusement within the 4400+ pages. I recently found myself stuck in the West Virginia mountains with no quick source of internet, and discovered several bits of new trivia. Here’s just one item: Adding the –i-am-a-dummy flag to your mysql client (or within a configuration file, of course) keeps you from making updates or deletes on a whole table without a “where” clause.
  • M|17 MariaDB Conference 2017

    Quite excited about this new MySQL ecosystem conference, this one specifically about the primary fork of MySQL, MariaDB. (Or you may think of it as the original MySQL, pre-Oracle fork.) Equally excited it’s on the East Coast.

  • Congressional App Challenge

    What a bright group presenting tonight at the Congressional App Challenge hosted at Centennial Campus by Rep. David Price. I enjoyed serving the community by judging the apps and look forward to seeing what these young people come up with in the years ahead.
  • Technoquest 2016

    An old Girl Scout favorite, TechnoQuest was held at Meredith College in Raleigh. We joined for the first time this year; the younger one participated in day-long STEM activities – primarily chemistry and physics – while I attended seminars in community-building, nurturing confidence in youth, and leading science explorations.
  • New MySQL File System Vulnerabilities

    It’s been a busy month for file vulnerabilities. Thanks to Dawid Golunski at legalhackers.com for giving us all the opportunity to tighten security in our MySQL, MariaDB, and Percona Server instances.

  • Enabling Innodb Compression

    Disk space issues are common, and they’re often difficult to solve quickly. One way to recover some space is by enabling InnoDB compression. First, of course, you want to make sure you’ve covered alternative solutions. Can you archive data? Do partitioning/sharding? These generally involve application changes and can take longer. You may need to first do conversion to InnoDB. While compression is available for MyISAM via myisampack, and this can be useful for some use cases (for example, if you are rotating out tables on a monthly basis), it makes the tables read-only, so generally you will want to first convert MyISAM tables to InnoDB.
  • gh-ost Online Schema Change

    The pt-online-schema-change tool has been a workhorse for years, allowing MySQL DBAs to alter tables with minimal impact to application workload, and before MySQL had native online alter capabilities. Although consistently grateful for the tool’s existence, I never liked the messiness of having to use and clean up triggers, and most DBAs have a horror story or two to tell about using online alters. When Github’s online schema transmogrifer, or gh-ost was released, then, I jumped on the chance to test it out.