I passed the certification test following the MongoDB coursework.

The test covered the following topics:

Philosophy & Features: performance, JSON, BSON, fault tolerance, disaster recovery, horizontal scaling, and the Mongo shell

CRUD: Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations

Indexing: single key, compound, multi-key, mechanics, and performance

Aggregation: pipeline, operators, memory usage, sort, skip, and limit

Replication: configuration, oplog concepts, write concern, elections, failover, and deployment to multiple data centers

Sharding: components, when to shard, balancing, shard keys, and hashed shard keys

Application Administration: data files, journaling, authentication, and authorization

Server Administration: performance analysis, storage engines, diagnostics and debugging, maintenance, backup, and recovery

MongoDB Certified DBA, Associate Level MongoDB, Inc., License 194-225-221