Web Design Software Database Development
Web Design Software Database Development
Web Design Software Database Development

Are You Online?

Your clients are online right now searching for products and services you sell. If they can't see your products or services online, they'll go to a competitor. It's that simple.

Is your organization putting its best face forward online? Is your website design professional & polished? Does it load quickly on all browsers? Can people easily search and view what you have to offer? Is your content fresh? Do your visitors have a reason to come back?

We can help.*

*This website is clearly outdated. Tortuga Tech existed as a full-service website consultancy, helping small businesses and organizations navigate their ideas onto the Web.

I developed an interest in the particular problems to solve around web-scale data storage and pivoted into SaaS web operations. These days, you can find me talking primarily about availability and performance of systems.

This site stays up because I like our turtle friend up there in the corner, and I like to have an archive of some of the interesting things Tortuga Tech did on the Web, with design before there was a SquareSpace, with backend code before there were frameworks, with SEO when that was still a thing, with integrating the multitude of online services before Google did it all.

The first decade of the millineum was a lot of fun -- thank you to all our clients for the inspiration and creativity, and for letting us play along.

Our Portfolio in Web Design Software Database Development

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